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Electronic waste to next-generation traffic systems – new ideas for solving mass transit challenges at Junction 2018


Salo IoT Campus and the City of Salo are searching for solutions to the development of future traffic systems at the Junction 2018 event on November 23-25, 2018. The challenge unites the one-of-a-kind Magment test track that is planned for Salo along with the vehicle industry of the future.

Together, Salo IoT Campus and the City of Salo have set a challenge for the Junction 2018 event uniting the development of city traffic systems with the vehicle industry of the future. Solutions are searched for in the Never-Stopping-Traffic-System challenge to integrate self-charging electric cars to a functioning traffic system.

The challenge is based on the technology, developed by the German company Magment UG, that makes wireless charging of electric cars possible while driving. The patented method the company uses has concrete mixed with metal particles from electronic waste that strengthen the electromagnetic field.

The plan is to build charging plates from the magnetic concrete and run electricity to the plates. The plates will be installed underneath the street and parking lot pavement. Then, the car driving on top of the electromagnetic field can convert the electromagnetic field back to electricity using its own receiver.

The first parts of the test track are planned to be built on the Salo Railway Station and the Salo IoT Campus parking lots, as early as early spring of 2019.


The New Freedom of Movement

The digital transformation and the growth of environmental awareness have accelerated vehicle technological development and the new innovations are here to stay. Technological changes also inevitably lead to upheaval in traffic systems, when owning and fueling a car and the expensive mass transit system are replaced with new types of solutions, providing a freedom of movement.

Salo is the perfect birthplace for completely new kind of traffic thinking. A small, but lively city environment and changing weather conditions challenge one to creative solutions. In addition, the limited testing environment makes flexible and effective testing possible and the results can be effortlessly applied to a larger scale. Also, the strong technological know-how of Salo IoT Campus makes for an outstanding basis for building innovative traffic systems.

Junction 2018 is Europe’s largest hackathon event and unites over 1,300 technology experts to look for solutions to the given challenges. The international event will take place at the end of November at the Dipoli conference facility of the Aalto University in Espoo, Finland.


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