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Huawei opens research laboratory in Salo IoT Campus


Salo’s mobile device expertise brought the global-scale technology manufacturer to Salo IoT Campus.

In March, Huawei Technologies Oy opened a research laboratory in Salo IoT Campus. The new research laboratory functions as a branch to the company’s Helsinki research and development unit.

“Our employees shuttle between our Helsinki office and Salo lab quite a lot, so the amount of staff on Salo IoT Campus varies. At the moment, we have one project, whose personnel mainly works at the research laboratory on Salo IoT Campus,” says Jyrki Sippola, Senior Manager of Huawei Technologies Ltd.

Salo’s mobile device expertise, as well as the active community on Salo IoT Campus, have brought a multitude of IoT companies to the campus. These strengths are considerable advantages also for Huawei.

“The research laboratory’s tasks are related to developing mobile device testing and maintenance technologies. In Finland, this expertise is mostly concentrated in Salo,” says Sippola.

“Many of our long-standing partners are located on Salo IoT Campus, and we are naturally also interested in new collaboration opportunities. Overall, the sort of specialized expertise Salo has is difficult to come by anywhere else.”

Salo IoT Campus’ CEO, Jukka Vakula, depicts the arrival of a global tech company as a result of active sales efforts.

“The city of Salo and Salo IoT Campus have worked systematically to make our expertise known to large-scale global companies like Huawei. Now this work begins to pay off,” Vakula says.

The mood during Huawei’s first months on Salo IoT Campus has been positive. Huawei’s employees already knew many people on campus, and overall Sippola says that there is a lot of collaboration and neighborly help. “Hopefully the lively communication continues and generates new opportunities for collaboration and thus also for employment in Salo.”

Huawei Technolgies Oy (Finland) Co Ltd. has some 370 employees in Finland. The company has research and development units in Helsinki and Tampere, as well as the newly-opened research laboratory on Salo IoT Campus. In 2017, Huawei was the world’s third largest smart phone manufacturer.


Jukka Vakula, CEO, Salo IoT Campus, tel. +35840 761 7287,
Jyrki Sippola, Senior Manager, Product Testing, Huawei Technologies Oy, tel. +35840 503 5835,

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